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We supercharge early stage startups to help you resonate with investors and land funding. Fundraise faster with actionable guidance and detailed feedback of what works and what doesn’t in your pitch deck reviewed by a top tier expert. We work with you to help your startup look like a standout providing a persuasive narrative that sets you apart from the competition, enticing potential investors to back your venture.

Nobody wants to read your pitch deck. Unless...

Know this, as a founder you have less than three minutes to convince an investor to take a meeting. But countless decks are so repetitive they fail to grab an investor’s attention and demonstrate a real financial opportunity. It’s hard to stand out when your deck doesn’t tell a captivating and cohesive story. Remember investors are bombarded with hundreds of startup decks a year, it’s paramount that your deck comes crafted with a clear, concise and compelling pitch.

The Essential Pitch Deck Prep.

Before you take on the challenging and time-consuming process to fundraise, get your deck audited, reviewed and prepared. A pitch deck review includes


The pitch deck examined slide by slide, complete with what works and what doesn’t.


No AI reviews. All deck feedback is the result of years of experience.


Actionable insights and feedback from an expert who has seen hundreds.


Founder cheat sheet.


Warm introductions to our network of investors and other helpful connections.


Becoming part of our founder network, where you can get matched with opportunities for startup success.

Way better way. That's Shaun Gold.

Meet Shaun Gold, your pitch deck doctor. Shaun is one of the leading figures in venture capital and startups. A 2x best-selling author, with contributive articles on venture capital and startup narratives read by thousands of readers a month, Shaun steers startups and growing companies to  prepare for investment.  When you work with Shaun, you are working with:

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Hundreds of clients.

Satisfied. Supercharged. Stoked.




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